The 16th IEEE SA 1857 Working Group meeting notice

The 16th 1857 WG meeting will be held in the morning of June 13, 2015 in Kunming, China. At the meeting, we will hear reports given by each project editor on the standard draft progress of P1857.4, P1857.5, P1857.6 and P1857.7.

The detailed logistic information is as below:

When: June 13, 2015, since 9:00am Beijing time
Where: Room 3448, 4F, Yuan Tong Blok,  Lianyun Hotel No. 58, Yuantong Street, Wuhua District, Kunming, China. Tel: +86 871 6515 6661)
How: Physical presence or by conference call (Chinese domestic call only+86 95040263263 or international call at +86 10 60778888 Password: 93858045#). The call service will not be provided if no return slip is received to request before June 06.
Accommodation: if needed, please contact us for detailed information
Contact: Ms. Haiying Xie, hyxie2006@163.com   MP: +86 131 2675 8816   Tel: +86 10 8228 2177

Here is the venue information in Chinese for the convenience of local members:

时间:2015年06月13日 上午9:00开始
会场:3448_圆通楼四层 云南连云宾馆
地点:昆明市五华区圆通街58号, 电话:+86 871 6515 6661
参会方式:亲临会场或通过电话接入参与 (TEL: Chinese domestic call only+86 95040263263 or international call at+86 10 60778888      Password: 93858045#),若06月06日前收到收到的回执表中,没有专家声明电话接入参会,本次会议将不开通电话接入服务。
联络人:谢海英  hyxie2006@163.com     手机:+86 131 2675 8816   电话:+86 10 8228 2176

Return Slip

If you are going to attend this meeting, please reply to hyxie2006@163.com with the form above.

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